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Here you will find audio EVP evidence from our investigations. A headset is highly recommended.

This was captured at a Heritage location once again. You can hear the Rem Pod going off, but the singing is what amazed me as it was captured on a Digital Recorder after the fact !


While at a well know location in Gastown, our investigators were setting some equipment up in the basement, dropped an object and there was a reaction from what we say is a dog bark .

You can clearly hear a scream as the Rem  Pod and the K2 are being looked at by the investigators at this Historic location in New Westminster.

At this 100 year old location in Chilliwack, you can hear " that's a wooo" but the investigators, at the time, do not.

While at a Museum we had set up the Rem Pod with temperature gauge  in an ornate Japanese chair. While setting up the device went off as you can hear.

We have interesting Investigations. This one is from The Witch House in Vancouver. The Digital Recorder is in the room where activity has been heard and felt. The placement is just behind the door so you can hear footsteps and the door itself opening.

We had the pleasure of investigating a location in Britannia Beach which has had several tragic and deadly instances during it's early years. Listed above is one such location and the interaction with the Rem Pod and Temperature meter in the basement of this location. Highly active and we have a few Video shots with an SLS on another page.

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