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With our organization's mission always in mind, we strive to capture video evidence of the investigation's we do.

Summer 2018, Edmonton, AB. Sometime in the early hours of the morning, Phoenix had been up late working at a friends home studio when out of the corner of my eye, I witnessed an elderly gentleman peek around a doorway and suddenly vanish. Being the only one in the house that morning, he had resigned the event to a lack of sleep and an active imagination. 
A few days after, during a random conversation, he briefly mentioned the encounter to his friend and his wife. They casually informed me that he had probably seen the previous owner named “Ray” who had passed away in that same room a few years back. They proceeded to relate to me similar occurrences. This is the security footage caught a few weeks shortly after my visit. You can clearly see the orb being tracked by the camera software.

The SLS camera captures what appears as an entity around Paul. The Rem Pod goes off by the window after this and the ghost meter ( a K2 device ) now reacts to some electromagnetic energy around the same window. Troy goes into that back room and again captures on the SLS a figure on the stairs leading nowhere.

Here is a video taken during the basement part investigation of The Model Shop. While there is no evidence shown, the reaction of the team to temperature change, the Rem Pod going off during certain questions and the K2 that is off camera, but being held by Alex and the reaction to certain questions as well.

One more quick video of the SLS figure captured on the stairs !

This video was taken by a security camera at one of the sights we investigated. The security footage was taped by a cell phone - reason for the shaky in the video quality. Notice the emplyees talking then the tap turns on, No construction, water being turned off or anything we could find that would cause this. This location is active as well.

The SLS video captured not one, but two figures by the Wishing Well at this location. We were showing the client how the SLS worked when the entities decided to drop by and see what we were doing as well.

One of the most active locations we have had the pleasure of investigating. While we were at the Castle, a second entity decided to make an appearance with his friend, who we caught earlier by itself. We call them the TALL and the SMALL

This entity was captured on one of our SLS cameras. If you've ever played XBox Kinect, this unit uses the same technology. There was no person standing where you see the stick man. Two interesting points; when Janine asks about its leg, and when we  ask if it can knock on the wall.

Entity caught on SLS camera at The Stanley Theater Vancouver BC. I do move closer to the screen so it's easier to see after a minute or two. You can see the figure's energy dissipate at the end before it leaves us. The flashing light is an investigator with a EMF close by. 

On our last visit to the a Heritage Museum, we encountered a young entity so we brought along a copy of Peter Pan to read to see if we could get an interaction. As you can see in another video, the K2's went crazy and in this video we turned an SLS camera on me (Janine) as I was sitting down at a desk, reading. Surprising what we picked up! Something tall is listening to the story.

The second video of the crazy EMF meters at the heritage sight in the Fraser Valley.

Mel meter, K2, Ghost Meter all going off at a single table in the White Room at The Royal Crown Castle Restaurant and Bar. We've tested the meters together and they don't set each other off. The meters did not go off at other tables in the room. The table was not iron, so we do not believe anything magnetic was causing the levels to change

We had some K2 activity in Stephen's office at The Royal Crown Castle Restuarant and Bar. You'll hear us wondering if it was his phone, but we tested it and it didn't seem to be setting it off, nor did his computer

This video was taken at a Historic location located in Britannia Beach. During the Investigation the Rem Pod was set up and it began reacting to questions so we set up a K2 meter close by. There was no reason for both meters to go off - but they did and reacted to our questions.

This video shows several investigators in a bedroom of the HexenHouse. Ask the questions were asked and directed m there was response on the K2 being held by the owner of the house.

One of the most active locations for the Cornerstone Supernatural crew. During an investigation at this Historic location, we found a location that was highly active for K2 readings. Not only were the K2's active and but another device measuring EMF was brought into the area. This was followed by the Tri-Field detector and the results were off the charts and unexplainable !

During an Investigation we had an amazing interaction with a spirit in the green room of a Historical Theatre. Watch how the K2 reacted to the questions we asked.

The Artful Doger Investigation was interesting as compiled here with our own Investigator Glen Ferguson.

Interesting K2 evidence on a wooden chair in a Church...

Interesting reaction to hand held K2's during an EVP session in one of the cells of a local prison.

We believe that spirits can be with us anywhere. Here we believe somone is sitting in the Chair and reacting to our questions with our K2 unit.

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